TAIWANfest History 2007


Innovation is critical for events depending on continuing success. TaiwanFest elevated the quality of the festival programming by incorporating two live concerts. One of which, Mayday, the premier Rock band in Taiwan, made their Canadian debut at the festival. Another example of innovation was the use of the “Noodles of the World” concept to expand …

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TAIWANfest History 2006


2006 was a major milestone for Taiwanese Cultural Festival as the festival expanded to Toronto and co-produced the event with the renowned Harbourfront Centre for the first time. While the Vancouver event set another attendance record of 70,000, the Toronto debut successfully brought in 45,000. Under the theme “Ho-Hai-Yan Taiwan”, Taiwanese Cultural Festival was awarded …

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TAIWANfest History 2005


Taiwanese Cultural Festival received the CEIA Best Cultural Event Award for the 5th straight year. With the addition of the Digital Culture Exhibition of Taiwan, the festival further expanded the horizon. However, the most sought-after exhibition among the 60,000 attendees was the Barbie & Me exhibition, the story about how the world’s most popular doll …

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TAIWANfest History 2004


2004 brought contemporary Taiwan to Canada under the theme of “Unleashed!” Festival attendance soared to an impressive 50,000 visitors. With the introduction of the popular figurative lanterns, tasty culinary demonstration “What’s Cooking,” in addition to the usual line-up of spectacular shows and activities, the Taiwanese Cultural Festival was awarded the CEIA’s Best Cultural Event award …

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TAIWANfest History 2003


Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell calls Taiwanese Cultural Festival, a hallmark of the city. The festival, after another record attendance of 35,000, was once again nominated for Best Cultural Event and Best Festival for CEIA’s Star Awards. The festival further expanded the programming by adding an indoor music gallery featuring contemporary elements of the modern culture. …

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TAIWANfest History 2002


The festival continued the success achieved in the previous year and attracted another record crowd of 30,000. Outstanding programming was cited as one of the best aspects of the festival. Publicity of the festival also reached another milestone with millions of audiences reached throughout North America and Asia. The Festival was nominated for “Best Cultural …

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TAIWANfest History 2001


The traditional Taiwanese theatre is an open theatre. The public is free to come and go as they please. It is not uncommon for viewers to partake in a little shopping or to go for a bite at any point during a show. Various folk handicrafts, toys, and food stalls can all be seen on …

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TAIWANfest History 2000


“From Caterpillar to Butterfly” was the theme of the 2000 festival. The metamorphosis of Taiwan from a poor country relying on foreign aid to one that gives a helping hand is like that of a butterfly transforming from an ugly caterpillar to a brilliantly-coloured and beautiful butterfly. This year demonstrated the transformation of Taiwan through …

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TAIWANfest History 1999


The diversity of Taiwanese culture could be perceived by the various programs of this year’s festival. The Taiwanese Tea Ceremony, Vegetable & Fruit Carving, Taiwanese Aboriginal Folk Arts, Photographic Arts by Dr. C.H. Lin, and an Exhibition by North America Taiwanese Women’s Association again attracted crowds of people gathering at Robson Square. The festival culminated …

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TAIWANfest History 1998


Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society alone organized the festival, in which Hakka culture was introduced to the Canadian public for the first time in order to show that Taiwan indeed is also a multicultural society. Other programs included exhibitions of pottery art from Ying-Ko, Taiwan, which generated lots of enthusiasm. Later that year, the 1998 Taiwanese …

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