TAIWANfest Performance - Song of the Rukai
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Songs of the Rukai

Voices of schoolchildren echo vividly through mountains and plains, cutting through the humid summer air carrying whispers of a tribe reborn. The Auba Children’s Choir hail from the Rukai tribe in Taiwan, one of countless indigenous groups belonging to the Austronesian family spanning the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and even..... Read more
TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Sundays in Taiwan
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Sundays in Taiwan

At age 25, Mario left his hometown of Luzon in the Philippines, travelling to work in the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. To overcome his homesickness, he once had the idea of using sand to draw his family's faces on the beach, unexpectedly sparking his interest in "sand painting" as he discovered his talent.... Read more
TAIWANfest Performance - Hataw
  • Performance ·

The Neo-Filipino

“Hataw” in English means to give one’s all – to give one’s best performance. This group brings together professional dancers, singers, musicians, multi-disciplinary artists, and community dancers from Filipino folkdance troupes across North America..... Read more
TAIWANfest Culinary - Let's Savour Taiwan
  • Culinary ·

Let’s Savour Taiwan

How can an island nation support 23 million mouths with eco-friendly and sustainable agriculture? Discover the tastes and stories that inspired us to cross oceans and continents - Let’s Savour Taiwan.... Read more
TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Going Home
  • Hope Talk ·

Going Home

When was the last time you went home? Or do you consider yourself already at home? Going home seems to be a choice for many of us, but for some it is impossible. In a modern world.... Read more
TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Migrants' Park
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Migrants’ Park

Each day, we pass by endless waves of new people as we each travel through life. For some, the chance to meet is fleeting, as they are only in our country for a short while - yet have you ever paid attention to listen to their voices? The voices of migrant workers.... Read more
TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Old God Speaks Again
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Old God Speaks Again

One should never judge a book by its cover. Beneath the rough appearance of toned muscle, a tattooed body, and shaved head lives a mentor of life, wisdom, and spiritual strength. This man is Ming-Chieh Hsieh, who once lived a rebel’s life.... Read more
TAIWANfest Performance - For the Love
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For The Love

Moulann is a Toronto songwriter, artist and producer whose artistic journey has been one of constant evolution. With influences from classical to hip-hop; 80s new wave to avant-pop.... Read more
TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Island's Young Cellist
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Island’s Young Cellist

13 year old Jamie Chan is a self-proclaimed Cello and Classical music fanatic, playing in the Taipei Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Whether at school or in the orchestra, he has a distinct air of maturity and elegance that is very different from... Read more
TAIWANfest Bookstore - Taiwan's Bookstore
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Taiwan’s Bookstore

Visiting a bookstore is one way to experience the unique literatures in Taiwan . Readers from around the world, whether living in or just visiting Taiwan, can always experience the warmth that a Taiwanese bookstore brings.... Read more
TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Pinoy Love in Taipei
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Pinoy Love in Taipei

Gen Huang's tale is of a true love that transcends cross-cultural borders. In 2007, she started Philtai: The Voice, a platform for Filipinos in Taiwan to connect with others that are also living there.... Read more
TAIWANfest Performance - lost'n found
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lost ‘n found

Formed by 7 individuals in 2016, lost'n found is a Toronto-based band that aspires to compose music of their generation. Building on their roots of Hong Kong Cantonese pop music, lost ‘n found draws on influences from Taiwanese pop, J-rock, Indie and Western punk rock.... Read more
TAIWANfest Performance - Lovegate
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Emerging out from the corners of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; four misadventurers with a rock and roll background assembled a band. None of them had similar lives but the common bond was the music.... Read more
TAIWANfest Performance - Ginalina
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Ginalina is a JUNO-nominated and bilingual West Coast Family Folk Singer-Songwriter. Her music is inspired by the urban folk scene, and written for young audiences and their loved ones..... Read more
TAIWANfest Exhibition - My Butterfly Effect
  • Exhibition ·

My Butterfly Effect

A butterfly's wings, miles away and days in the past, can exert a profound effect along a chain of amplified reactions. What effects do the smallest of our actions and movements have on the lives of others.... Read more
TAIWANfest Film - The Hoe-Hoe Chronicles
  • Film ·

The Hoe-Hoe Chronicles

Cultivating farmland doesn’t always mean restricting biodiversity! Welcome to the Hoe-Hoe Field-side Farmhouse in the Gongliao District of New Taipei City, Taiwan, where a rehabilitated water terrace is now home to more than 500 thriving species.... Read more
TAIWANfest Crafts
  • Crafts ·

HarbourKIDS Zone

Crafts and arts that no one can keep their hands off - whether young or old! Don't miss out on the magic of breathing life into these arts through your very own hands - what unique wonders will you create.... Read more
TAIWANfest Film - Tribe Alive
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Tribe Alive

The indigenous people of Taiwan have been living there for thousands of years, their multifaceted tribal culture and their unique ways of life are sources of amazement to the rest of the world.... Read more
TAIWANfest Film - Blind Vaysha
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Blind Vaysha VR

Vaysha is not like other little girls: she was born with a left eye that sees only the past and a right eye that sees only the future, and she cannot live in the present. Should she poke out one of her eyes so that she can live in the other’s temporal reality? Or is she doomed to perceive the world from this perplexing perspective... Read more
TAIWANfest Film - Tidal Traces
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Tidal Traces

Tidal Traces is a 360° video VR dance piece that places viewers in the centre of the performance. In it, three characters explore a new and uncertain world—moving between tranquility and ominousness, beauty and peril.... Read more
TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Pinoy Love in Taipei
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Pinoy Love in Taipei

Alone and far away from home, migrant Philippine brethren and sistren in Taiwan are always lonely and homesick. Gen Huang, who married into a Taiwanese family, founded the PhilTai platform online, developing a platform for compatriots in different countries around the world to provide support for their Philippine sistren in Taiwan.. Read more
TAIWANfest Charity - SWACT
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Enjoying TAIWANfest? Have you experienced something new and exciting in our Dialogues with Asia series? Do you have ideas to share, or want to be a part of the development process.... Read more
TAIWANfest Performance - Uke'n Do It!
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Uke’n Do It!

Break out your uke! Do you ever just tap along to music? When's the last time you touched an instrument? Music can be so spontaneous - maybe it's time to pick up a ukulele and break out your inner musician.... Read more
TAIWANfest Performance - Natalie Wong and Martin Kuwawi Duo
  • Performance ·

Natalie Wong and Martin Kuwawi Duo

Natalie began her musical studies at the age of 3. She started playing violin at the age of 7. At the age of 16 she received the ARCT performance diploma at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and majored in violin performance at the University of Toronto. Her list of teachers includes Scott St. John, Annalee Patipatanakoon, and Katharine Rapoport.... Read more
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