When Vancouver entered the Year 2010,the whole world set sights on Canada; when City of Vancouver challenged TAIWANfest to carry the torch of celebrations from the Winter Olympics, the Taiwanese Community in Vancouver answered the call. Ironically, it is the same old dream that most of us all have – a dream to show and share the best of what we have. It is not the City of Vancouver or Toronto, the Province of BC or Ontario, or the True North Nation of Canada or Island Nation of Taiwan that was battling for the bragging rights; rather, it was the opportunity to shine that inspired us all.

Dreaming for the next big opportunity shall never stop. And, so long as the dream lives on in all of us, new chapters will continue to bring joy and warmth to the world. While Vancouver 2010 and TAIWANfest 2010 showed the world new perspectives, the dream to think big is still the same old key.

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