TAIWANfest Performance - Sleep Here Tonight

Sleep Here Tonight

Andie Lloyd, a former Volunteer Coordinator of TAIWANfest and designer, fell in love with Taiwan on her recent solo trip. Exploring the streets of Taiwan, she fell in love with the sights and smells of Taiwan, all the exciting stories right around each corner….

TAIWANfest Performance - Uke'n Do It!

Uke’n Do It!

Break out your uke! Do you ever just tap along to music? When’s the last time you touched an instrument? Music can be so spontaneous – maybe it’s time to pick up a ukulele and break out your inner musician…

TAIWANfest Bookstore - Taiwan's Bookstore

Taiwan’s Bookstore

Visiting a bookstore is one way to experience the unique literatures in Taiwan . Readers from around the world, whether living in or just visiting Taiwan, can always experience the warmth that a Taiwanese bookstore brings….

TAIWANfest Exhibition

TAIWANfest Fun Stop

Oh me oh my! As the cultural dialogues continue, our activities only multiply. Where do you begin your TAIWANfest journey? Pick up one of our Fun Stop cards and explore the festival….

TAIWANfest Film - Pinoy Sunday

Pinoy Sunday

Sunday is precious.

In Taipei’s Little Philippines, populated by migrant workers that put in six-day-weeks, Sunday is priceless. Sunday is filled with little diversions and simple pleasures – including the discovery of an abandoned, brand new couch on this particular Sunday…

TAIWANfest Film - Message From Hiroshima

Message From Hiroshima

Discover the sights and sounds of a lost culture and people. Narrated by George Takei, Message from Hiroshima is the culmination of an atomic bomb survivor’s life-long mission to discover Hiroshima’s lost culture….

TAIWANfest Performance - The Stories of Tian Jin

The Stories of Tian Jin

Tian Jin Temple is back again! Feel the beat in your feet and tap away to the sound of their drums during their performance on the stage! Afterwards come to their booth on 600 block of Granville Street to listen to their fascinating stories – learn how you can particpate in the many activities they offer….

TAIWANfest Performance -

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko, formerly known as Yuaikai Ryukyu Taiko, is an Okinawan Taiko Dance Group that was formed in 2004. The group aims to share Okinawan Folk performing arts, which combine Okinawan style drumming, dancing and music….

TAIWANfest Performance - Strange Breed

Strange Breed

Strange Breed are a 4 piece, all queer, all female garage rock band based out of Vancouver, BC. Sounding like every 90’s riot grrrl fans’ feminist wet dream, with an unexpected modern rock twist….

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