TAIWANfest Performance - Hataw

The Neo-Filipino

“Hataw” in English means to give one’s all – to give one’s best performance. This group brings together professional dancers, singers, musicians, multi-disciplinary artists, and community dancers from Filipino folkdance troupes across North America…..

TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Sundays in Taiwan

Sundays in Taiwan

At age 25, Mario left his hometown of Luzon in the Philippines, travelling to work in the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. To overcome his homesickness, he once had the idea of using sand to draw his family’s faces on the beach, unexpectedly sparking his interest in “sand painting” as he discovered his talent….

TAIWANfest Performance - Song of the Rukai

Songs of the Rukai

Voices of schoolchildren echo vividly through mountains and plains, cutting through the humid summer air carrying whispers of a tribe reborn. The Auba Children’s Choir hail from the Rukai tribe in Taiwan, one of countless indigenous groups belonging to the Austronesian family spanning the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and even…..

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