TAIWANfest Crafts

HarbourKIDS Zone

Crafts and arts that no one can keep their hands off – whether young or old! Don’t miss out on the magic of breathing life into these arts through your very own hands – what unique wonders will you create….

TAIWANfest Film - The Hoe-Hoe Chronicles

The Hoe-Hoe Chronicles

Cultivating farmland doesn’t always mean restricting biodiversity! Welcome to the Hoe-Hoe Field-side Farmhouse in the Gongliao District of New Taipei City, Taiwan, where a rehabilitated water terrace is now home to more than 500 thriving species….

TAIWANfest Exhibition - My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect

A butterfly’s wings, miles away and days in the past, can exert a profound effect along a chain of amplified reactions. What effects do the smallest of our actions and movements have on the lives of others….

TAIWANfest Performance - Ginalina


Ginalina is a JUNO-nominated and bilingual West Coast Family Folk Singer-Songwriter. Her music is inspired by the urban folk scene, and written for young audiences and their loved ones…..

TAIWANfest Performance - Lovegate


Emerging out from the corners of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; four misadventurers with a rock and roll background assembled a band. None of them had similar lives but the common bond was the music….

TAIWANfest Performance - lost'n found

lost ‘n found

Formed by 7 individuals in 2016, lost’n found is a Toronto-based band that aspires to compose music of their generation. Building on their roots of Hong Kong Cantonese pop music, lost ‘n found draws on influences from Taiwanese pop, J-rock, Indie and Western punk rock….

TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Pinoy Love in Taipei

Pinoy Love in Taipei

Gen Huang’s tale is of a true love that transcends cross-cultural borders. In 2007, she started Philtai: The Voice, a platform for Filipinos in Taiwan to connect with others that are also living there….

TAIWANfest Performance - Iga Ninja

The Iga Ninja

The legends and tales of Japanese ninja will come alive as Tomonosuke and ASHURA – The Iga Ninja Troupe from Iga, in Mie Prefecture, Japan introduce local audiences to the unique life and world of ninja and their techniques known as ninjutsu….

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