Month: June 2018

TAIWANfest Performance - Iga Ninja

The Iga Ninja

The legends and tales of Japanese ninja will come alive as Tomonosuke and ASHURA – The Iga Ninja Troupe from Iga, in Mie Prefecture, Japan introduce local audiences to the unique life and world of ninja and their techniques known as ninjutsu….

TAIWANfest Bookstore - Taiwan's Bookstore

Taiwan’s Bookstore

Visiting a bookstore is one way to experience the unique literatures in Taiwan . Readers from around the world, whether living in or just visiting Taiwan, can always experience the warmth that a Taiwanese bookstore brings….

TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Island's Young Cellist

Island’s Young Cellist

13 year old Jamie Chan is a self-proclaimed Cello and Classical music fanatic, playing in the Taipei Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Whether at school or in the orchestra, he has a distinct air of maturity and elegance that is very different from…

TAIWANfest Performance - Taiwanese Legendary Songs

Taiwanese Legendary Songs

The Yong-le of Taipei is a central hub for the trade of tea, rice, sugar, camphor and silk, ceramics, medicinal ingredients, and much more, bound for destinations throughout Taiwan as well as international export….

TAIWANfest Performance - For the Love

For The Love

Moulann is a Toronto songwriter, artist and producer whose artistic journey has been one of constant evolution. With influences from classical to hip-hop; 80s new wave to avant-pop….

TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Old God Speaks Again

Old God Speaks Again

One should never judge a book by its cover. Beneath the rough appearance of toned muscle, a tattooed body, and shaved head lives a mentor of life, wisdom, and spiritual strength. This man is Ming-Chieh Hsieh, who once lived a rebel’s life….

TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Migrants' Park

Migrants’ Park

Each day, we pass by endless waves of new people as we each travel through life. For some, the chance to meet is fleeting, as they are only in our country for a short while – yet have you ever paid attention to listen to their voices? The voices of migrant workers….

TAIWANfest Hope Talk - Going Home

Going Home

When was the last time you went home? Or do you consider yourself already at home? Going home seems to be a choice for many of us, but for some it is impossible. In a modern world….

TAIWANfest Culinary - IPACI

International Pan-Asian Culinary Invitational

The International Pan-Asian Culinary Invitational tackles the explosive growth of pan-Asian fusion cuisine like no other culinary program in Canada! Who will triumph and take the title of “Best Cut” this year? The sweet and aromatic tastes of Filipino roasts….

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